e are a Metaphysical / Occult Shop located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

     We opened in mid December of 1999 to serve the Pagan and Magickal Community by making available various products, classes, services and resources.

     The products we sell are used for ritual purposes and spells and various other forms of magickal workings, like poppets, mojo bags and sachets. For the most part we do not sell products that are used in illusion or stage magic though a couple of the products can be used in stage magic (like Vesta Powder, a flash type powder). In our store we sell items used in ritual work and spell work and items to aid the magickian in preparing for and doing their magickal work and studies.

     We hope, by our presence in the retail community, to project a positive image of alternative belief systems.


Full Moon Madness Sale! Every Full Moon 10% Off all in store purchases, on all Merchandise.

Free Shipping on all orders of $25 or more
Most orders shipped within 24 hours

The phone numbers are:
Toll Free 1-866 4 Magick (1-866-462-4425) In Milwaukee Phone (414) 294-3444
Fax (414) 294-5822


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